“Please Pray I’ll Have a Baby”, Woman Gives $250 Tip to Delivery Rider

A delivery rider received a huge tip worth RM1,000 ($250 or Php12,150) from a woman who simply asked for help in praying that she’ll have a baby. It was such a huge tip that the delivery rider posted about it on a local Facebook page for FoodPanda riders in Malaysia.

Muhammad Faris Faizul is a FoodPanda rider in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Last week, he delivered some food to a woman who instructed him to leave the order on a table outside their house. Aware of the “no contact” option that the company offers to customers, Faizul was not so surprised by the arrangement.

Photo credit: Khmer Times

Brother, just come in through the gate later when you arrive and leave the meal on the white table. And then, lift up the plate that’s on the white table, there’s an envelope, do take it. Thank you,” the woman instructed the rider.

After reading the instructions, Faizul followed what the woman told him to do. He did not think much about the envelope because he is used to customers giving out tips. It was only when he opened the envelope away from the woman’s residence that he got the surprise.

Photo credit: Muhammad Faris Faizul

At first, Faizul was not sure whether the woman was giving him an honesty test or doing a prank for the camera. He immediately messaged the customer and was both happy and sad to learn that she really wanted him to receive the RM1,000 ($250 or Php12,150) in the envelope.

Yes, brother. It is your rezeki. Pray for me to get a child and share it (the tip) with your friends, okay? Tell them to pray for me so that I can conceive a child quickly,” the woman replied.

Photo credit: Muhammad Faris Faizul

Faizul felt sad for the woman, knowing that she must really want to have a baby that she would willingly give a stranger this much money to pray for her. He hopes that the woman will truly have that baby soon.