‘Plantito’ Puts Plants in the Holes after Getting Frustrated with the Eyesore Road

If you have been driving around the Philippines, you will notice that there are roads with tiny holes that don’t look like your ordinary potholes. These holes are smaller than the usual potholes but are scattered at a pattern all over the road.

These holes are, indeed, not ordinary potholes because these were purposely made by drilling the road. The contractors put the holes at the roads that needed to be redone, making it easier to break apart the old road.

Photo credit: Glenn Cui Infante / Facebook

The problem here is that this often happens to roads that still look alright. Meanwhile, there are still so many other roads in the locality that aren’t even cemented yet! Moreover, despite being marked for demolition and already having these holes, this does not mean that the road gets repaired quickly! There are times when it takes years before such a road gets repaired! Tsk. Tsk.

Photo credit: Glenn Cui Infante / Facebook

In Quezon City, netizen and plantito Glenn Cui Infante appears to have been so frustrated with the many holes at a road that he decided to transform this into an eco-friendly road by putting plants inside the holes. LOL.

Flex ko lang garden ko. Sana all eco friendly yung kalsada,” he joked in the caption.

It is obvious from the pictures that the little holes in this street are not new at all because there are already plenty of grasses growing inside them. But there appears to be no construction work being done in the area at the time. So, Infante decided to make the place look prettier instead of the eyesore that it is now.
Photo credit: Glenn Cui Infante / Facebook

Of course, obviously, Infante isn’t actually putting that plant there to create a garden. This should instead be considered as a wakeup call for the local authorities to work on this eyesore of a street. Also, many netizens are hoping that this would end the practice of authorities destroying good roads with holes like this even if they aren’t repairing it anytime soon.