Pinoy Teen Aspires to be a Doctor, But Loses Parents to COVID in Just 1 Month

He aspires to become a doctor to help heal sick people, but before he could even start on those goals, he lost both his parents to COVID-19 – within 1 month of each other! The devastated teen had no choice but to seek help from netizens so he could still reach for his dreams…

A senior at Frank McCourt High School in New York, USA, teenager Roberto Tobias Jr. has big dreams as he hopes to become a doctor someday. He plans on pursuing a pre-medical major in college, getting ready for medical school.

Photo credit: Tobias family / GoFundMe

His ever-supportive parents, Roberto Tobias Sr. and Lodia Tobias, migrated from the Philippines to the US in 1990 to provide a better life for their family. The couple also have a 29-year-old daughter, Beverly.

The close-knit family’s big dreams would come crashing to the ground, beginning when Roberto Sr. contracted the virus in early March 2020. Towards the end of the month, as his symptoms worsened, Roberto Sr. was rushed to Mount Sinai Astoria for treatment.

Since she is a nurse, Loida decided to personally care for her husband; however, she would also contract the virus and had to be taken to the ER just a week after her husband was admitted.

The couple struggled at the hospital, but as their condition worsened, their kids would also get sick! Though Roberto Jr. had mild symptoms, Beverly was also admitted for treatment. The 17-year-old Roberto Jr. would soon better and his sister’s condition also improved.

Photo credit: Tobias family / GoFundMe

But their parents didn’t make it. They lost their dad on May 30 and their mom on June 30.

I immediately started breaking down. I held his hand, and with my mask on I kissed him on the forehead. And I sort of just had my last words with him,” the younger Roberto recalled.

How much in shock I was and how devastated I was knowing I lost my parents exactly a month from each other.

The medical bills and the loss of their parents were such a huge blow on the siblings that Roberto Jr. is unsure whether he can even enroll in college. He plans to find a job to support himself but without his parents, he’d surely have a difficult time.

Taking pity on his huge loss and hoping to provide him support so he can fulfill his dreams of becoming a doctor, many netizens donated to the GoFundMe campaign that Roberto Jr. launched.

Photo credit: Tobias family / GoFundMe

He hoped that people would help him raise funds so he could at least have some money for his first year of college, but netizens were so touched with his story that the goal was surpassed within just 1 day! He raised the goal to $50,000, then later to $100,000 as more donations poured in.

In just 2 weeks, netizens sent over $76,000 for this young man’s college funds. Everyone hopes he would become a doctor to save many lives in the future…