Pinoy Teachers Needed in Nevada, With $40,900 (Php2.1 Million) Annual Salary

Looking for a job in greener pastures? Nevada has a lot to offer to Filipino teachers – with a job offer that’s so difficult to turn down: an annual salary of $40,900 or a whopping Php2.1 million!

So, where can I apply?

Well, first things first. The job offer is through a program by the Clark County School District (CCSD) in southern Nevada, that aims to fulfill the many job vacancies for teachers, particularly Special Education (SPEd) teachers across the district.

Photo credit: TFC Balitang America / YouTube

Ever since it was launched in 2017, the program has already employed scores of teachers. More than 80 teachers flew out of the country for the first batch of the CCSD program while over 100 joined them through the second batch.

The third batch of 57 Filipino SPEd teachers recently flew to Nevada after undergoing a seminar and training to be better equipped in classroom management.

Since the teachers will be handling Special Education students, they have to undergo trainings in individualized lesson planning of students with special needs.

We follow the same curriculum with the U.S. standards and the Philippine standards. That’s the advantage of the Filipino teachers so they can teach anywhere else,” revealed Dr. Michael Santa Juana of the Filipino American Educators of Nevada.

Aside from the impressive annual salary that the teachers are set to receive as they work in Nevada, the CCSD program also provides them with J1 visas to work in Las Vegas for a minimum of 3 years. Then, they have the option to extend their contract for another 2 years before calling it quits and going home.

There’s a huge difference in terms of the basic salary and in terms of the benefits as well. I miss my family but for a better future and greener pasture,” Jan Salazar, a newly hired teacher, mused.

What we earn here is I think we have to work hard for 6 months in the Philippines for a month here,” another one chimed in, Loremia Loremia.

Interested teachers can send their applications via the CCSD Standard Application Form [click here].

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