Pinoy Student Wins Php1.9 Million in International Competition

A Filipino engineering student has made the Pinoy community proud after he won Php1.9 million in an international awards competition, the first-ever sustainability prize given by The James Dyson Award.

Besting nearly 1,800 entries from all over the world to win the prestigious award, 27-year-old Carvey Ehren Maigue took home £30,000 (around Php1.9 million) in prize money for his invention, a technology he calls as ‘AuREUS’.

Photo credit: James Dyson Foundation / YouTube

The invention also has a lot of practical applications, particularly for farmers in the Philippines as it makes use of crop waste to convert solar energy to electricity.

The engineering student from Mapua University created AuREUS, a technology that absorbs stray ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun in a method that is different from the ones used by conventional solar panels.

Because it makes of UV rays, the devices used to collect UV rays don’t have to face the sun.

Photo credit: James Dyson Foundation / YouTube

AuREUS is actually a material, or a technology, that allows other devices to harvest ultraviolet light and convert it into electricity. AuREUS is based on a plastic material, so it can be formed into different shapes,” the Pinoy inventor explained.

He added that the technology was inspired by the science behind the northern lights. The technology may be used to create vertical solar energy farms just by using the AuREUS material to replace typical window glasses or other parts of the house.

What’s so exciting about this prospect is that the invention uses crop waste as one of its most important components.

Photo credit: James Dyson Foundation / YouTube

The “organic luminescent compounds” derived from crop waste such as those from discarded fruits and vegetables are used to “turn high energy violet waves into visible light”, Maigue explained. In turn, the visible light is converted to electricity through the solar panels and other components added into the system.

The brilliant Pinoy inventor hopes that this technology will be easily available soon so that he can help many farmers across the country. Instead of the rotten vegetables going into waste during typhoon season and calamities, these discarded crops may be used to create electricity, instead.

To make this happen, Maigue plans to dedicate more time for research and development to enable mass production of this invention in the near future.

It’s so amazing that he won Php1.9 million for his invention! But Maigue admitted that this isn’t the first time he attempted to join the international awards competition.

He failed to make the cut in 2018 with his invention that attempts to convert sunlight to electricity using a glass window. But he did not quit. Instead, he experimented on other materials until he was finally able to find the perfect one that won him the huge prize money. Wow!

Watch his invention at work in this video:

Sources: ScoopReader, CNN