Pinoy Jumps into Rough Sea to Save Korean Seafarer Who Accidentally Fell

A Pinoy seaman from San Jose, Antique has been hailed a hero for jumping into rough sea to save a Korean seafarer who accidentally fell into the water while their vessel is anchored in Indonesia.

The Pinoy seaman also earned praise for not accepting the monetary rewards his workmate tried to give!

In a report on ABS-CBN News, it was revealed that the vessel was anchored off the coast in Indonesia when a Korean seaman went overboard. Due to the big waves at the rough sea, the other crew had a difficult time saving him.

Photo credit: Earl Santillan Dotimas / Facebook

When they heard what happened, Pinoy seaman Vrose Santillan and another crew did not hesitate to jump into the rough sea to save the Korean! The Pinoy hero is used to swimming in rough sea at his hometown. So, when the accident happened, he was not afraid to save the Korean seafarer.

Thankful that his life was saved by Santillan and the other crew, the Korean tried to give them money as reward. But many were impressed that Santillan refused to accept the money. Instead, he simply accepted the Pringles chips that the Korean offered for snacks.

Photo credit: Earl Santillan Dotimas / Facebook sea

The Pinoy seaman is truly a hero in so many ways – and it is amazing that he did not even accept the reward money! Wow. We salute you, Sir Vrose Santillan! Mabuhay po kayo…