Pinoy in Canada Discovers Strange Family Heirloom is Actually a Giant Pearl Worth $90 Million

The family of Abraham Reyes owns a rather strange, tooth-shaped white object that looks like a smooth rock. It has been passed on from one generation to another since his grandfather found it in a giant clam he bought from a fisherman back in 1959. It was only recently that the family knew the true value of the ‘rock’ – a whopping $90 million (Php4.73 billion) on cold, hard cash! Wow.

Based in Ontario, Canada, the family had always thought the white ‘rock’ in the house was nothing but a curio that didn’t have much value. They knew their grandfather had gotten it from the Philippines but its shape didn’t easily give away that it was a pearl.

Photo credit: Instagram / The Giga Pearl

Most people think that pearls are small and only come in spherical shape; thus, the large, tooth-shaped ‘thing’ that weighed 27.65 kg was really just a strange heirloom for Abraham and his family.

After recently learning that his grandfather had gotten the object after he purchased a giant glam from a fisherman in Palawan, Philippines, Abraham had a hunch that it must be a valuable pearl. He had the family heirloom appraised at the Gemological Institute of America in New York City.

Photo credit: Avianti Jewelry / Facebook

He was rather surprised to learn that the ‘curio’ was actually a valuable pearl that’s over 1,000 years old! Appraisers placed its value at $90 million (Php4.73 billion), easily surpassing the famous Pearl of Lao Tzu also found in Palawan in 1939.

Record-Breaking Pearls in the World

Weighing 6.4 kg, the Pearl of Lao Tzu had held the record as the largest pearl in the world since 1939 – also making it one of the most famous gems in the world. The record had actually been shattered by the 34-kg Pearl of Puerto Princesa in 2016.

Photo credit: Instagram / The Giga Pearl

Also found in Palawan, the Pearl of Puerto Princesa came from a giant pearl that a fisherman found stuck on his boat’s anchor. He took the giant pearl home, placing it under his bed for good luck; but he had forgotten about the object as time passed.

Ten years later, he remembered the treasure under his bed when he had to move to another home. He took it to his aunt who happens to be the local tourism department chief. He was definitely surprised to learn that he’d been hiding a valuable pearl under his bed for 10 years – and it’s worth $100 million!

While the pearl owned by Abraham and his family is a bit smaller than the Pearl of Puerto Princesa, it still has an impressive size and weighs just a few kilograms lighter than the world’s largest pearl. So, Abraham named it as the ‘Giga Pearl’ before commissioning an octopus-shaped holder made from 22-carat gold.

Photo credit: The Giga Pearl / Instagram

It was truly amazing that an object ignored by the family for many decades turned out to be something worth $90 million! Wow.

Sources: Town and Country PH, The Giga Pearl / Instagram, Facebook / Avianti Jewelry