Pinoy Engineer Working in Riyadh Comes Home to Find Family Gone, House Also Not There

He went to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to give his family a better life, but an engineer to find them all gone when he got home – and their house was also not where it used to stand before he left to work abroad!

What really happened? Engr. Romeo Ordaz has no idea. He was simply surprised to come home and find there’s no more home for him to go to.

Photo credit: Mae Regala (@noellemae) / Twitter

And while he tried to surprise his family with his arrival, it was him who was surprised to find them gone with no trace at all. What’s worse, all the money that he saved while he was in Saudi was lost to someone he did not mention to Mae Regala (@noellemae), the netizen who met him at SM Southmall and grew concerned of his well-being.

My mother and I ran into kuya today at SM Southmall, his name is ROMEO ORDAZ. He was an Engineer in Riyadh a few years ago. Pag uwi niya ng Manila nung 2011, wala na yung family niya, wala na rin yung bahay nila. He is looking for his parents,” Mae shared on Twitter.

He’s been homeless since 2011. He has no idea where his relatives are. He mentioned something about someone taking all his money, all his ipon from working abroad. He knows his parents may be gone, but he still has some relatives in the province.

Photo credit: Mae Regala (@noellemae) / Twitter

The post would go viral, with many netizens hoping that the engineer could still find his family.

It appears that the engineer is unwell – and that’s to be expected for someone who’s been living in the streets since 2011. Many netizens are hoping that with Mae’s post going viral, this engineer’s family would come forward.

But others think that this family are intentionally hiding from him, theorizing that he must have lost his money; thus, his family don’t want to take him back. Still, many are hopeful that this is not true and that his family was also there, trying to find him.

Photo credit: Mae Regala (@noellemae) / Twitter

Perhaps the house was “gone” because the family tried to surprise him by building another home at a different location with the money that he sent them? Until his family is found, however, all these theories will remain theories in netizens’ minds.

Mae said he doesn’t have a wife and kids but could remember his parents as Arturo and Conchita Ordaz. He’s unsure if both are still alive, but believes he still has relatives in the province.

Photo credit: Mae Regala (@noellemae) / Twitter

Do you this guy or his parents or any of his family members? He can be found near SM Southmall..

Source: Mae Regala (@noellemae) / Twitter