Pinoy Artist Recreates “Last Supper” with Ballpens on a Receipt

A Pinoy artist recently earned praise for his incredible talent after he recreated Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” on a small piece of receipt using just ballpens to draw and color the artwork! Isn’t that impressive?

James Abayon Lolo hails from Tagum City, Davao in southern Philippines. The artist recently shared his work after he recreated da Vinci’s famous 15th century fresco into that piece a receipt, a piece of paper that most people simply just throw away.

Photo credit: James Abayon Lolo / Facebook

At first glance, one might think that this artwork was printed from the computer because of the level of detail on the drawings! But James proved that he created the colorful drawing from scratch after also sharing some photos of the artwork in its early stages.

Using the receipt as medium, the artist started the artwork by drawing Jesus at the middle of the receipt. Then, he began drawing the disciples who are seated to Jesus’ left side. After completing this side, he proceeded to complete the artwork by drawing the disciples seated at the right side of Jesus.

Photo credit: James Abayon Lolo / Facebook

A lot of netizens were amazed at the level of detail and the vibrancy of colors that James was able to achieve using just some ballpens! One might think the artwork was made using oil or some other material on a much larger canvas. This artist is truly talented!

Photo credit: James Abayon Lolo / Facebook

Some netizens thought it was a bit of a waste for James to draw that masterpiece on a piece of receipt, but for the artist, nothing is ever wasted because he simply made the drawing to practice his craft.

He wrote on his Facebook post:

Hello there fb friends and fellow artists😅, I just want to share this artwork I made using receipt. This is freehandly drawn using ballpoint pens. I enjoyed doing these kind of art style since it not just enhances my skills but my patience at the same time. Go beyond on your creativity lang guys hihi, don’t restrain yourself just because of insufficient art materials. You can make a masterpiece with all the things and stuffs around you🙂.

Sana magustuhan nyo 🙂

“Last Supper” of the great Leonardo Da Vinci

Photo credit: James Abayon Lolo / Facebook

Ballpoint on receipt

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Impressive artwork, James!