Pinays Earn $15/h Just to Wait in Line for Customers at First Jollibee Store in Alberta, Canada

See a need, fill a need!” – Bigweld, “Robots”

The long lines at the first Jollibee store in Alberta, Canada located in Edmonton led two Filipinas to a business idea that had them earning $15/h just to wait in line for the customers – and many are calling it brilliant!

Maryelle Gana and Ivana Recinos were just joking around about how the long lines at Edmonton’s Jollibee store take so much of many Filipinos’ time and that someone could earn serious money just to queue for these folks.

But they would soon act on that joke as they realized it was actually a good idea!

I was like … what if we advertised that we’ll stand in line for people for Jollibee. Then I thought about it and this sounds like a pretty decent idea,” revealed Maryelle.

A lot of people have been like, ‘Are you serious?’ A lot of our friends really thought we were joking. But no, we’re really serious.

Cashing in on the Jollibee craze in Edmonton, the two posted their services on Facebook Marketplace, charging customers $15/hour if they wanted someone to stand in line for them at the store. If the customer wished to have their ordered delivered, it would be an additional fee of $6.

Asked why they did it, the two admitted that though it started out as a joke, they did need some extra cash.

We’re kind of broke, so why not just have some more pocket money,” Maryelle laughingly admitted.

Amazingly, there were actually many who availed of their services! The first had been Deniel Pascua who even offered the two more than their $15/h convenience fee.

I miss it a lot, it’s a pretty big deal in the Philippines, but having it in Alberta, the lineups are just super crazy. I haven’t had time to lineup and get everything myself. I just miss the taste of it, honestly,” Deniel admitted.

There were even people as far away as Calgary and Redwater, located 60 kilometers away, who availed of the girls’ offer.

Considering that Edmonton’s Jollibee is the first one and only one in Alberta as of the moment, and the three others in Canada are hundreds of kilometers away, it is easy to see why many Pinoys were willing to pay these girls $15/h just to stand in line for them. After all, many Pinoys are craving for a taste of home – and that’s something that Jollibee Chickenjoy can bring!

With the two quitting their short-term business, others could easily fill in for them. Do you think that would be a great idea?

Source: Yahoo! News