Pinay Mom Names Newborn Baby as ‘Covid Bryant’

It is no secret that 2020 has started off as a rather bad year, with so many bad things happening. But amid the COVID-19 scare, there are things that got many of us laughing or, perhaps, scratching our heads in disbelief.

Recently, a tweet went viral after someone claimed that their ‘kasambahay’ had given birth on March 15 – and named the baby as Covid Bryant! Uh-oh. We can’t imagine having such a tragic name, particularly because Covid is not something to be happy about.

Photo credit: @chicprotagonist / Twitter

The COVID has wreaked havoc across the world, forcing plenty of countries to order a lockdown. It claimed plenty of lives and affected millions of people. Why anyone would name their child with such a name is a mystery to many; thus, many netizens are worried that if this is true, the child would grow up getting bullied by his peers.

The baby’s second name is sweet as it an apparent tribute to NBA superstar and Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. The name ‘Covid Bryant’ even sounds so similar to ‘Kobe Bryant’, but netizens still think it was rather crazy of this mom to name her son with this name of all the names she could ever think of.

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Perhaps she really ran out of ideas and simply blurted out the first thing that came out of her mind? After all, he was born on March 15, the day that Metro Manila started the community quarantine.

Poor kid. Each year, on his birthday, he gets to remind people about that bad day when they had to stay at home or walk to work because of the coronavirus that had affected the country and many other places in the world. Sigh.

Sources: Abante, @chicprotagonist / Twitter