Pinay Maid in Dubai, Caught Having Affair at Employer’s Villa after Sharing Photos on FB

Having worked for her elderly Emirati employers for 6 years, a Pinay maid in Dubai already knew her bosses’ routines and schedules; thus, she was able to let her Pinoy boyfriend and another guy inside the villa a number of times before getting caught.

The 32-year-old Pinay maid, whose name has been withheld for privacy reasons, had apparently let the two guys enter on separate occasions, when her employers were at their other residence.

She was caught after her employer’s friend discovered the photos she shared on her FB account, showing her and her boyfriend having a good time at the villa last June 29.

She was working with us for six years, and I used to leave the villa as I’m a resident in Ras Al Khaimah. A friend told me that he saw pictures of her with a man inside my villa. I checked her Facebook account and saw the photos,” the Pinay maid’s 74-year-old employer revealed.

After hearing about this, the employer put CCTV cameras all over the house, unbeknownst to the Pinay maid.

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So, she was completely unaware that her employer was already tracking her movements and had seen her let her boyfriend in the villa. Then, on another day, she let an Indian driver get inside the house.

Afterwards, the Emirati employer showed the footage to the Pinay maid who admitted to letting the men in. She also revealed that she’s been going out with her boyfriend and another woman, taking trips to Fujairah and Dubai shopping malls without permission.

After checking her FB account, the Emirati employer also discovered that the Pinay maid had his wife’s missing diamond ring which was worth 5,000 dirhams (around Php73,100)!

My wife lost a diamond ring and I saw the maid wearing the ring in one of the photos. She confessed that she got the ring,” the man added.

Using the CCTV footage as evidence, the Emirati employer took the woman to the police station where she is facing appropriate charges. Meanwhile, the Indian driver was charged with trespassing while the maid’s Pinoy boyfriend will also be charged once he’s under police custody.

Source: Inquirer