Pinay Failed in 14 Businesses, Now Earns Millions after ‘Reinventing’ Leche Flan

How many times have you heard of the saying “Try and try until you succeed!” but didn’t really think that it would work? Well, a Pinay has proven that the saying is true after failing in 14 businesses before finally finding that business that would bring her millions!

Though a graduate of Information Technology, Princess San Diego is like many Pinoys who are ‘madiskarte’ when it comes to life. She worked as overseas Filipino worker (OFW) before deciding to settle back in the Philippines, just like many OFWs dreamed of.

Photo credit: What’s Your Flan

But things weren’t always so easy for San Diego who had to go through a lot of broken dreams and failed businesses before succeeded in her ‘reinvented’ leche flan business. She had experienced selling gadgets online, manning a barbecue stall, and even opening a restaurant, but these failed.

I think I’ve tried all of the possible business ideas that time. By 2016, I had tried at least 14 business ideas,” the entrepreneur told PEP.

Photo credit: What’s Your Flan

One day, she was just doing a cooking experiment using matcha to create a new flavor of leche flan when people began asking how it tastes and whether she is selling it so they can taste the unique flavor. It turned out to be the big break that San Diego was looking for!

I first started posting on my personal Facebook account about it just to brag about what I’ve made. But when I started receiving inquiries about it from my friends, I decided, well, this is going to be a business,” she recalled.

Photo credit: What’s Your Flan

So, with a startup capital of Php1,000, she created 25 tins of the new matcha-flavored leche flan. It was sold immediately! Her customers loved the new flavor and ordered some more. Selling a tin for Php150 each and receiving lots of orders from family and friends, she was able to triple her initial capital in less than 1 week.

It was also lucky for San Diego that her eureka moment came during the Christmas season when people wanted to find novel gifts to give to friends or a unique food item to bring to a party. Soon, the orders were so many that she earned around Php20,000 a week.

Photo credit: What’s Your Flan

San Diego also offered free samples to the customers at her husband’s automotive shop. Soon, the orders kept coming and she was ready to expand her business. Months later, she had over a dozen resellers and by 2018, there were at least 40 resellers of her leche flan business, aptly called as “What’s Your Flan”.

Knowing that people might become bored of the product once its novelty wore off, San Diego began creating other flavors for her leche flan. Soon, she was offering new flavors like coffee milk tea, tiramisu, dalgona avocado gelato, Peruvian flavored flan, caramel, and tins that have different flavors inside.

Photo credit: What’s Your Flan

The business went so well that she earned her first million in 2018 and went on to earn more. Considering that she failed in 14 businesses before finding the right one, San Diego is truly an inspiration to many! Don’t ever give up…

Source: PEP