Pinay Domestic Helper Receives Lots of Cash for Son’s Education from Employer

A Pinay domestic helper in Dubai recently received lots of cash for her son’s education from her kind employer. She was also allowed to use the money for house construction, especially because she has plans to build a house that she could rent out to students so her family can have a steady source of income.

Australian vlogger Alex Hirschi, vlogging as “Supercar Blondie”, truly appreciates her Pinay domestic helper, Avelina, who has been with her in Dubai for nearly 3 years. The 50-year-old Pinay worked in Dubai to save enough money to send her youngest son to college.

Photo credit: Alex Hirschi / Supercar Blondie – Facebook

The 15-year-old kid is still in high school, but he will be in college soon.

Since Avelina is such an industrious worker who not only handles the domestic tasks at home but also helps Alex with administrative work and running errands for the Supercar Blondie team. In an interview, some of the team members described Avelina as a cheerful, hardworking member of the team who feeds them delicious food and always has a smile for everyone.

Photo credit: Alex Hirschi / Supercar Blondie – Facebook

Photo credit: Alex Hirschi / Supercar Blondie – Facebook

In appreciation of Avelina’s help, Alex decided to surprise her with lots of cash that’s enough to fund her son’s college education.

The vlogger also allowed the domestic helper to use the money to build a house for her family or to use it in building that house she planned to rent out for students. This would be a good option for the family to earn extra income so they wouldn’t rely solely on Avelina’s monthly income abroad.

Photo credit: Alex Hirschi / Supercar Blondie – Facebook

Photo credit: Alex Hirschi / Supercar Blondie – Facebook

To facilitate the surprise, the team told Avelina that they’re doing a documentary – and she readily agreed to be interviewed. In the middle of the interview, Alex entered the room with a bouquet of flowers!

Avelina had tears in her eyes as she accepted the flowers, but she didn’t know that Alex still had another surprise for her – and that is certainly a fantastic one! Seeing the money inside the box, Avelina jokingly exclaimed, “Milyonaryo na ako, sir!” before asking Alex whether she can already go back home for good.

Photo credit: Alex Hirschi / Supercar Blondie – Facebook

Alex joked that she’ll get the money back if Avelina leaves her, adding that it’s a big bonus for her hard work but she still needs the domestic helper with her.

Watch the surprise video here:

Surprising my employee with a lifetime savings of cash!

A very special employee of mine has been saving up to send her son to college. I want to take this weight off her shoulders with this surprise. 😊Thank you so much for all your hard work Avelina ❤️❤️

Posted by Supercar Blondie on Tuesday, September 29, 2020