Pinay-Australian Becomes Youngest Billionaire in Australia

A Pinay-Australian becomes the youngest billionaire in Australia, also becoming the third richest woman in the country at a young age of 32.

Melanie Perkins co-owns graphic design and publishing tool ‘Canva’ with her fiancé Cliff Obrecht and their friend, Cameron Adams. They founded the company back in 2014. According to Melanie, there are over 50,000 schools and more than 15 million people using their platform on a monthly basis.

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With the COVID-19 crisis affecting the entire world, many businesses went bankrupt. Yet many others such as Canva found themselves becoming valuable to the people.

Amid the pandemic, Canva’s users doubled. It is now being used by over 30 million people, creating 80 designs per second, collaborating on presentations, and doing social media content.

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Thanks to the company being a valuable tool during the pandemic, Canva increased its value to a total of $6 billion. This also brings Melanie’s value to about double that of last year! Canva’s business worth is pegged at $2.5 billion, putting Melanie on the third rank among the richest women in Australia and making her the youngest billionaire in Australia.

She had debuted on the 82nd spot with a wealth of $1.32 billion on the Australian’s richest 250 list.

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What’s amazing is that she started the company back when she was still 22 years old. She and her partner created a platform for designing e-books. It would garner approval from Silicon Valley, helping the company quickly grow.

Photo credit: The Philippine Times (Australia) / Facebook

I think that’s the most important thing because once you find a problem you want to solve passionately, there’s gonna be so many barriers — every single barrier you can possibly imagine. I think that once you get a crystal clear picture of the problem you want to solve, that’s sort of step one,” Melanie advised would-be entrepreneurs.

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Australia's youngest billionaire taking the world by storm

Part Filipino Melanie Perkins is now Australia's third richest woman after it was announced her graphic design business Canva had doubled its valuation. At age 32, Melanie is Australia's youngest billionaire.Melanie's grandmother is a Filipina, and her father came from Malaysia, while her mother is Aussie. Aside from Sydney, she has opened a Canva office in Makati, and Beijing.60 Minutes Australia

Posted by The Philippine Times (Australia) on Wednesday, June 24, 2020