Pilot Caught on Video While Sleeping Mid-Flight Gets Suspended, Co-Pilot Included

How would you feel if you learned that the pilot in charge of the plane you are in was actually sleeping mid-flight?

The senior pilot caught taking a nap in the Boeing 747 plane he was driving – and gets suspended! But his co-pilot was also reprimanded for taking the video and uploading it on social media instead of waking him up. Oooops.

China Airlines, Taiwan’s biggest carrier, announced that it has suspended Weng Jiaqi, the senior pilot caught sleeping mid-flight in a video that has gone viral all over the world.

In the clip, the middle-aged pilot could be seen snoozing with his head down, sleeping in the cockpit with his pilot uniform and headset on. It was unclear whether he had been sleeping for a long time when his co-pilot took the video.

As of press time, China Airlines has not announced when the video was taken or on what flight the senior pilot had been sleeping in; however, the airline revealed that the two pilots have been reprimanded for their actions. It is unknown whether the two would also face dismissal over the incident.

Photo credit: Liveair Net / YouTube

The airline pointed out that Jiaqi should have known better then sleep on the job, while the plane was mid-flight. After all, Jiaqi is not just a senior pilot with over 20 years of experience, he also supervises training of new pilots.

But netizens believe the senior pilot must have been really tired that he fell in asleep, yet others said he should have rested well to ensure he would always be alert since he is in charge of such a big vehicle.

Jiaqi is a senior pilot who works on short-haul flights operating to and from Asian cities like Guangzhou, Tokyo, Okinawa, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and Seoul.

Watch the video here:

Sources: Today Online, Standard Media, Airlive Net / YouTube