PHOTOS: Rare Sight of Sierra Madre Behind Metro Manila Surprises Netizens

The rare sight of the Sierra Madre mountain range behind Metro Manila surprised a lot of netizens, with many exclaiming that they had no idea that mountains are that near! Of course, it would still take some hours to get there, but many did not even know the mountain range is there.

Sadly, the mountain range has been hidden from view by the thick smog that has blanketed Metro Manila for decades that most people had no idea that it can be viewed easily from the metropolis.

Photo credit: Johair Siscar Addang / Facebook

In a post shared by Johair Siscar Addang, gorgeous photos of Metro Manila with the Sierra Madre mountain range at the background looks so surreal that you might think it’s fake. But it’s not.

The post has since been reposted by many different accounts, including the Philippine Weather System / Pacific Storm Update.

Photo credit: Johair Siscar Addang / Facebook

LOOK: Nangibabaw ang kagandahan ng Sierra Madre na tanaw sa #MetroManila dahil bumaba na ang naitalang air pollution o smog doon dulot ng Enhanced Community Quarantine dahil sa #COVID19.

📸: Johair Siscar Addang

Captured yesterday (Day 7 of ECQ)

Everyone was so amazed that it is still the first week of the enhanced community quarantine and Metro Manila already looks so wonderful. Can you can just imagine seeing this beautiful view every single day, because there is no smog covering the region?

Photo credit: Johair Siscar Addang / Facebook

While most of us are hiding from the virus, Mother Earth is taking a breather. She is healing from what humans had done to her. It’s so beautiful yet also so sad. And these photos are proof enough that we, the humans, are truly the ones to blame about the state the Earth is in right now…

What do you think of these pictures? Were you also surprised?

Source: Johair Siscar Addang / Facebook