Photo of ‘GrabFood Mom’ Goes Viral as She Takes Care of Baby While Waiting for Customer’s Order

These days, a lot of women are working in jobs that were previously considered to be a man’s job. For example, you can find women in construction sites as welders and laborers or women working as truck drivers!

Recently, netizens praised a woman they dubbed as ‘GrabFood mom’ after seeing that she was taking care of her baby while waiting for her customer’s order outside a McDonald’s outlet in Bangsar, an affluent neighborhood in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

With her GrabFood pack secured firmly on her back, this woman was wearing a helmet and carrying a baby in carrier strapped to her chest. An older child stands a few feet away and appears to be her daughter.

Photo credit: Pakej Percutian / Facebook

Netizens were both sad and proud of this GrabFood mom, with many saying that moms like her are true heroes for doing everything to make sure they can still take care of their family while doing their jobs.

Many netizens felt sad that this mom had to do this but know that this woman is only doing what is best for her family.

In a second photo, the woman could be seen assisted by a man believed to be her husband. Some netizens were puzzled why she works as GrabFood driver but commented that there must be some explanation why she’s working for Grab. Perhaps her husband has another job.

As the ‘GrabFood Mom’ went viral, the story reached her husband – the man in the second photo, Mohamad Hafifi. It turned out that he is actually the GrabFood driver, not his wife!

According to Hafifi, he has been working with GrabFood as a second job for 6 months now.

One night, he received a customer’s order for McDonald’s while he was still at home. Since his wife was craving for McDonald’s at the time and his kids also wanted to eat ice cream, he thought it would be a good idea to take them to the fastfood outlet because he’d be going there, anyway.

Photo credit: Pakej Percutian / Facebook

It was also lucky that the customer’s house was near theirs because he was able to drop his family off at their home before delivering the order.

But while the ‘GrabFood Mom’ turned out to be the wife of a GrabFood driver, netizens still feel happy that this family is finding ways to bond while the husband works.

Sources: Pakej Percutian / Facebook, World of Buzz