Penniless Scavenger Tries to Swim from Cebu to Bohol for Undas Visit to Departed Parents

He wanted to make an Undas visit to his departed parents in Bohol but because he had no money to pay for the Php500 boat ride from Cebu, scavenger Ceferino Angco decided to swim home.

On Sunday night, at around 11 PM, Ceferino began his swim from Talisay City, setting his course for the island of Bohol which was really just visible in the distance. But the scavenger underestimated the power of the water and the nautical distance from Cebu to Bohol.

Photo credit: The Freeman / Facebook

He was just a few meters away from Cebu island when he began to suffer cramps and could no longer swim. Bohol was still too far away – but he couldn’t even swim back to the Cebu shoreline because of the cramps. He kept himself afloat on a slab of Styrofoam until help arrived in the morning.

He was brought to shore by Felix Angco (not related to the scavenger) and other members of the Bantay Dagat at around 8 AM on Monday.

According to Felix, Ceferino was very tired from the ordeal but admitted that he would still have attempted to swim for home because he didn’t want to do anything bad just to have money for the boat ride to Bohol.

Photo credit: Twitter / Gerard Francisco – Cebu Daily News

Ceferino was taken to the Bantay Dagat office in Barangay Cansojong, Talisay so he could rest and regain his strength. The poor but determined scavenger’s story quickly went viral and many people offered to help.

Among the first to arrive at the Bantay Dagat office and offer help was Talisay City Councilor Antonio Bacaltos Jr. who accompanied him to Pier 1 in Cebu City to buy him a ticket so he could ride the 1:30 trip to Bohol.

Photo credit: Twitter / Gerard Francisco – Cebu Daily News

More people also offered to buy him a ticket or donate money for his other needs.

Sources: Cebu Daily News, The Freeman / Facebook, Cebu Daily News / Twitter