Patient Pays for Medicines the Doctor Bought for Him Many Months Ago

Alam mo ‘yong feeling na ‘yong people who struggle financially, sila pa ‘yong may pure heart,” wrote Dr. Alfie Calingacion, a ‘doctor to the barrios’ who works at a rural health center in the municipality of Loon, Bohol.

The doctor shared that he was surprised after patient came back to the clinic just to pay for the medicines that he bought many months ago. He added he can’t even recall the patient’s name or face because the encounter had happened a long time ago, yet the poor old man made sure to come back and pay him up.

Photo credit: Alfie Calingacion

I had a patient who had no money for the medications I prescribed. So I gave him money. This happened last year, I even forgot his name and face already,” the doctor explained.

Surprisingly, approximately six months later, he came back sa health center. I thought he was there for another medical consult, but he handed me a piece of folded paper and inside was the money, he said ‘Doc mobayad ko sa akong utang nimo.’

The doctor further explained that the health center usually provides the medications for free to the patients. However, when the medicines are not available, the patients had to buy the items they needed from pharmacies out of their own pocket.

Photo credit: Alfie Calingacion

It just so happened that we don’t have supply anymore of the intended/appropriate medications for him,” Calingacion explained.

Then knowing he won’t be able to buy them, I gave him money without the intention of him paying back. All I wanted was really for him to get better.

He did not expect to be paid back – and made sure the patient knew that, yet the guy came back anyway to pay for the medicines. While he was only able to do it after many months, the patient still made sure he paid the doctor.

Alam mo ‘yong feeling na ‘yong people who struggle financially, sila pa ‘yong may pure heart,” the doctor ended.