Passenger Demands Airline Crew to Kneel, Apologize for Flight Delay Due to Bad Weather

A lot of us are frustrated about how airlines don’t often follow the printed schedule, with flight delays and cancellations ruining our travel plans. But though there are many times when the delays and cancellations are due to the airline’s fault, there’s really nothing that anyone can do (even the best pilots!) if the flights are delayed, canceled, or diverted due to really bad weather!

But one passenger refused to accept that – and he demanded for the airline crew to kneel and apologize for the flight delay, even if the ground staff had repeatedly explained that bad weather was causing the problem.

Photo credit: Netizen Watchdog / YouTube

The still unidentified male passenger had booked a flight on West Air; a Chinese budget airline affiliated with the country’s largest private airline, Hainan Airlines Group. He was supposed to fly from Zhengzhou to Shenzhen but the flight was experiencing delays due to bad weather.

Unable to accept this ‘excuse’, the guy shouted at the airport staff and wanted him to apologize by kneeling. But the ground crew stood his ground; explaining that he was only doing his job and was carrying out his responsibilities.

Photo credit: Netizen Watchdog / YouTube

Plus, how could you blame the airline staff for the bad weather causing your flight to be delayed, anyway?

You should kneel and apologize to us,” the passenger demanded.

I am a member of the staff. I do carry out my responsibilities. But there is no need for you to humiliate me,” the ground crew politely responded.

But the passenger would not accept this response.

You must represent your company and apologize to us. Kneeling shows sincerity,” he furiously added.

The other passengers sided with the ground crew, however; they urged him to calm down because the delay was really no one’s fault. Plus, would you dare go on that flight in really bad weather and risk being in a crash, instead? Tsk. Tsk.

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