Parents in India Bravely Climb School Walls to Help Their Children Cheat in Exams

How far would you go to help your children fulfill their dreams?

Most parents would say that they would do anything and everything to help their children do that – but parents in India take that too literally as they climbed school walls to help their kids cheat in exams! Whoa. Can you believe that?

Grade 10 students at a school in Bihar, India were set to take their national exams, a requirement they need to pass so they could receive their General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE).

Knowing that this is a crucial test in their children’s lives, many parents bravely scaled the school walls just to make sure they could help their kids cheat in the exams. Whether these parents actually know the right answers to the test is something that is also quite questionable; however, they proved that they would do everything to help their children pass the crucial test.

Photo credit: Press Trust of India / The Hindu

Photos of the parents scaling the walls, with many not even holding on to any harness or rope on the walls got a lot of netizens scratching their heads in disbelief and wonder. Who would have thought that these parents would go as far as do this to help their kids pass their tests, huh?

But the sad fact remains that this is not actually an isolated incident. It turns out that a lot of parents do this, particularly in rural parts of India where opportunities for college education are few. Knowing that high scores in the national exams and high grades give their kids a better chance at getting into the few slots available in college, these parents would literally do anything to help them pass.

In this particular incident, over 1,000 children were caught cheating but the school inspectors only expelled around 600. Still, the practice continues.

The Indian education system focuses on rote learning and faces problems in teacher absenteeism and lack of school structures. With so many parents willing to scale walls to ‘help’ their children pass their subjects, school inspectors could only do as much, unless they fail everyone…

Source: The Hindu