P30K worth of flowers for a grand wedding sold to other event stylists after cancellation due to COVID-19

  • A supposed-to-be grand wedding in Tarlac City was cancelled after a relative of the couple tested positive for COVID-19
  • Almost P30,000 worth of flowers was supposed to be used for the wedding
  • Instead of asking the couple to pay for the flowers amid the cancellation, the event stylist opted to sell the flowers to other event stylists

“Nakakanginig ng tuhod, nakakapanindig balahibo.”

Image capture of video via GMA Regional TV / YouTube

Event Stylist Cherry Jane Gacutan recently faced a situation that anyone working in the event industry would dread — the cancellation of event. Gacutan experienced this dreadful situation for a supposed-to-be grand wedding in Tarlac City.

In an interview with Balitang Amianan, she said that a day before the actual event, they were already starting the initial set up of the wedding. The production team with the whole staff were already in the venue when they received the advice that the event is being cancelled. The cancellation stemmed from the news about the couple’s relative testing positive for COVID-19.

The flowers that were supposed to be used in the event amounted to almost P30,000.

However, instead of asking the wedding couple to pay for the flowers, Gacutan looked for other event stylists who would be interested to buy the flowers they currently have. She said she understands the situation, and shared that it’s not the first time they experienced a wedding cancelation due to COVID-19.

Image capture of video via GMA Regional TV / YouTube

In another interview with an event organizer from Tarlac, Rhyne Mendoza shared the difficulties faced by the event industry during this time of COVID-19. But despite the current situation, he called for his fellow wedding suppliers to continue following these protocols since it’s not just for the safety of their guests but for them as well; being the suppliers of the event.


Image capture of video via GMA Regional TV / YouTube

“Let us always practice what the government is requesting us to do or to follow, like the safety protocols. It’s not only the guests who are at risk but also us, wedding suppliers.”

Let’s take a look at the video here:

Sources: YouTube  GMA News