Over-Expensive Items in Makati’s Budget Go Viral as Netizens Make Hilarious Explanations

 Photos of Makati’s Executive Budget for 2019 are making rounds on social media after netizens noticed several overly expensive items on the list.

Stalmannen at English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0]

But though many were serious about slamming these city officials for blindly approving the budget despite the obviously over-priced items, many netizens actually had a lot of fun making their own hilarious ‘explanations’ as to why these items were priced this way.

Photo credit: Facebook / Concerned Citizens of the Philippines

What’s so crazy about this is that the over-pricing does not only show a few hundreds of pesos in price difference over prevailing prices in the market, many are actually thousands and even millions of pesos more expensive!

A pen with an embroidered logo and box costs Php1,200 each, a hard hat is pegged at Php5,740, and a bag of cement is priced at Php1,575 each!

One unit of ambulance was listed as Php21 million while each first aid kit costs Php6,300.

Photo credit: Facebook / Concerned Citizens of the Philippines

What really shocked netizens is that there were backpacks listed on the budget, 45 and 60 pieces, all costing Php17,000 each! Whoa.

Obviously, most (if not all) of the items on the budget are over-priced but sarcastic netizens had fun creating ‘obvious explanations’ as to why these items are soooooooo pricey.

Photo credit: Facebook / Concerned Citizens of the Philippines

But the one that really got our eye was written by netizen Tawiti Red Wil Barretto because it’s so witty:

“Alam mo ba bakit mahal yan??? Kc ito ilan sa dahilan:

  • Seismic Monitoring Equipment – Buong pinas kaya imonitor
  • Pako – silver plated
  • Hard hat – vibranium from wakanda kaya hard tlga
  • Cement – with gold dust
  • Bag pack – inspired sa bulsa ni doraemon kaya marami mailalagay
  • Body Cam – 1000megapixels with auto stun gun
  • CCTV – mala God’s Eye kita lahat kahit nasa loob ng bahay
  • Ambulance – pinagpipiliian kung Mclaren, Porsche or Ferrari bibilhin
  • Stretcher – mala robotic yan made from japan na khit pilay na magiging parang android ang gagamit
  • First Aid Kit – kapg ginamit 5sec lang magaling at hilom na agad mga sugat
  • Unified Radio Communication System – kaya makapagcommunicate sa mga alien
  • At ang pinakamalupet sa lahat ung embroided ballben na stylus pen na tag 300pesos lang original price pero dahil naembroided lng ng letter “B” na tatak binay kaya nagmahal yan ng ganyan.

Kaya wag nyo pagdudahan dahil legit yan.”

While netizens are making jokes about this, however, a lot of expressed concern that the budget will be released as approved by this committee…

Source: Facebook / Concerned Citizens of the Philippines