Old Woman Becomes GrabCar Driver to Support Sick Husband, Son with Special Needs

She might already be old but one woman had to find a job as GrabCar driver so she can support her sick husband and their son with special needs.

The story of impressive female GrabCar driver Misnah Binti Chuminin would go viral after it was shared online by Fedtri Yahya who was surprised to find her driving the vehicle he hailed from Grab.

According to Fedtri, he was on his way from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Labuan, one of the country’s offshore territories. As he preferred to use Grab so he wouldn’t have to worry about his car while out on a trip, Fedtri hailed one.

Photo credit: Fedtri Yahya / The Independent

Much to his surprise, the driver wasn’t your usual guy but an old woman who was actually over 60 years old!

Curious about why she’s driving for Grab at her age, Fedtri learned that this old woman had a lot of problems in her hands.

Her husband has a serious medical condition; thus, he couldn’t work and actually needed much help for the treatments. However, because Misnah didn’t want to beg no matter how difficult their situation, she turned to driving for Grab as her primary source of income.

Grab accepted her as driver – and she’s happy with the work schedule. Misnah admits she gets so tired and stressed out with her job, especially when her passengers have a lot of luggage. But she’s also glad that she has the means to support her family.

Misnah told Fedtri that she would rather work hard for her family than rely on the mercy of others. Isn’t that impressive?

Source: The Independent