Old Vendor Receives Free Milk Tea from Kind Netizen, Pays Back in the Sweetest Way

Milk tea is the most popular drink these days, with a lot of young people enjoying the drink just to be part of the “in” crowd and post it on social media.

On the other side of the crowd are those who can’t really afford the expensive drink and could only watch, wondering how this popular drink actually tastes.

That’s how an old vendor must have felt as he parked his cart packed with various goods right beside a milk tea shop, trying to check out the items on the menu. Clearly, the drink is too expensive for the old man.

But someone had watched him checking out the menu – and decided to let him have a taste of the yummy drink. The kind person did not identify himself, but the sweet gesture was captured on camera by someone who later shared it on the Facebook page of Cabin Brew Milk Tea.

And while the anonymous person’s gesture was so beautiful, this old vendor’s response was so much sweeter.

A Tale of “Manlalako”

*Nakita nung isang tambay si Tatay na natingin sa Menu ng Cabin Brew.

Guy: Tay gusto mo nyan?

Tatay: Ay tinitignan ko lang, pangmayaman yan di ko kaya bumili nyan

Guy: Libre na kita sige pasok ka pili ka.

Tatay: Wag na ako na magbabayad. Ano ba yan mga yan, ngayon lang ako makakatikim nyan (💔 this broke my heart)

Guy: Pili ka ng pinakamahal Tay para talagang masarap. pramis sagot ko na Tay tago mo na yang 100 mo.

*Tatay chose Dark Choco

Tatay: Pili ka sa paninda ko iho, gusto mo walis palanggana, hanger? Libre ko din.

Later identified as Tatay Teban after the post went viral, the old man offered the young man anything he wanted off the cart. The young man gave him the milk tea without expecting anything in return, yet he didn’t just accept it without also thinking of giving something back… What a lovely moment.

Do you know what’s even more beautiful? Tatay Teban got a lot of customers after the post went viral! That’s really how social media should work…

Source: Cabin Brew Milk Tea / Facebook