Old Man Spent 22 Years Cutting Down a Mountain So No One in the Village has to Die Like His Wife Because the Hospital is Too Far Away

Living 70 kilometers away from the nearest medical facility, Dashrath Manjhi lost his wife Falguni Devi to illness which could have easily been treated if only they had access to medical care earlier.

Vowing that no else in the village of Gahlour near Bihar, India should suffer the same fate, Manjhi rallied the villagers to cut down the imposing mountain blocking what would have been the shortest path between the village and Wazirganj where the nearest hospital was located; however, everyone thought it was an impossible thing to do. After all, how could you ever cut down that mountain when they didn’t even have big tools and heavy equipment?

Photo credit: 9GAG
Photo credit: 9GAG

So, no one helped Manjhi. Some even laughed and called him a lunatic.

Still, he was determined that no else in that stubborn village would die like his wife just because medical care is too far away. Thus, he picked up his tools and took on that mountain.

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