Old Man Judged as Beggar at Pawnshop, Turns Out to be a Dad Sending Money to His Kids

Sometimes, we can be so judgmental over people who don’t look as properly dressed as we are. Those who look unkempt are judged as beggars, even though they are actually dirty because of their jobs in manual labor.

Recently, an old man was judged as beggar at a pawnshop because he looks dirty. The other customers at the pawnshop watched him warily, thinking that he might start asking them for money. Possibly knowing what the others think about him, this old man stayed at the corner.

Despite there being benches available at the pawnshop, he just stood in that corner, away from the other customers. And while they thought he’s a beggar and didn’t want to do anything with him, these people would soon feel ashamed of themselves after realizing that he’s just another customer like them!

It turned out that this old man is working for his family and is at the pawnshop to send remittance to his kids back home!

Photo credit: Del Heartman RCrim / Facebook

“TRENDING: “I thought he was a beggar but I was wrong.”

This man is standing in a certain money sending establishment in the Philippines and was initially thought a beggar by others because of his appearance.

To their surprise, the old guy with appaling clothes was waiting for his turn to get his receipt from the counter.

Apparently, he just sent money to his children. This is what we call a “father’s love”.

Needless to say, the other customers felt ashamed over judging him so wrongly…

God bless po, Tatay.