Old Man Digs in Trash Bins for Food, Finds Help from Kind Motorists

The COVID-19 crisis has affected us differently, often according to our status in life.

While well-off families find new hobbies such as cooking and painting while stuck at their homes, others are struggling to survive. And while many are struggling as they put on weight amid the lockdown, a lot don’t even have anything to eat!

Netizen Mizan Dmhba recently shared the experience that he and his friends had while driving along the highway in Kelantan, Malaysia. They spotted an old man digging in trash bins, searching for something to eat!

Photo credit: Mizan Dmhba / Facebook

During our journey from Pengkalan Chepa to Ketereh, Kelantan, to distribute our contributions, we stumbled upon this uncle that was rummaging through rubbish,” Mizan shared.

I asked to stop the car and approached the uncle. He told me he was collecting leftover bread to be eaten. We gave him a bag of rice and some money for expenditure. There are still many out there that needs our care.

They were able to give him rice and some money. However, that won’t surely last more than a couple of days. Still, it was better than nothing – and Mizan hoped that there would also be others who could provide the old man with food, if they spot him along the way.

Photo credit: Mizan Dmhba / Facebook

Mizan also urges netizens to share what they can to others, no matter how small it might be because a little help would surely go a long way, especially for less fortunate people like this old man. Instead of digging through more trash, he could have some food on the table for the next couple of days. That’s already a great thought…

Sources: Mizan Dmhba / FacebookWorld of Buzz