Old Lady Goes to Jollibee with Just Php20, Receives Free Food from Kindhearted Crew

An old lady who went to a Jollibee store to eat but only had Php20 got free food from the kindhearted crew. Isn’t that awesome?

Marold Aquino Anido was dining out at Jollibee Crossing, Calamba in Cabanatuan City when he noticed an old lady enter by herself and go directly to the counter.

He got curious upon seeing that the old lady had a plastic bag of vegetables when she entered the store; it was obvious that she came from the market. He watched as she checked out the items on the menu, unsure of what to order.

Photo credit: Marold Aquino Anido / Facebook

Then, the old lady went to the side where some crew were talking. She handed them Php20 and must have asked what she could buy with that money. In his mind, Marold knew the old lady won’t get anything from the crew, but he saw one assist her to a table.

While sitting, the old lady looks puzzled as no one got her money, but she was told to sit there. For several minutes, the old lady sat uncomfortably, looking around as she waited for the crew to take her order but no one came.

Marold admitted that he took pity on her and wanted to give her some money, but because he also didn’t have any extra, all he could do was watch.

Photo credit: Marold Aquino Anido / Facebook

After some minutes, the old lady stood up to leave; she must have realized her money was not enough to buy anything from the store. But right at that moment, two Jollibee crew went to her table and gave her a burger steak meal with a glass of water and another glass of iced tea!

Kita ko yung ngiti ni lola kahit na nasa malayo ako. Pilit inaabot ni nanay yung bayad niya na 20 pesos pero hindi na ito tinanggap ng mga crew at pinarating kay lola na sagot na nila ang pagkain niya. Hindi ko mapigilang hindi sila kuhanan ng litrato dahil sobrang natuwa ako sa pinakita nilang action.

Humihingi po ako ng pasensya sa pagkuha ng pictures niyo mga ate at kuya without your permission pero gusto ko lang talaga kayo i-share dahil super bait niyo po.

Thank you JOLLIBEE CROSSING, CALAMBA for these wonderful act. I know it won’t change the world, pero little deeds like this makes it a better place. We need more people like you guys.

Afterwards, one of the crew even assisted the old lady in getting out of the store and going home.

Photo credit: Marold Aquino Anido / Facebook

What a beautiful moment caught on camera – and the crew didn’t even know Marold was watching and taking photos. Faith in humanity restored.

Source: Marold Aquino Anido / Facebook