OFW’s Hilarious Convo with Employer Makes Netizens Laugh: “I Just Cook Sir?”

It is true that not everyone is good in English – and mastery of the language or not knowing how to speak it properly should not be used as gauge of someone’s intelligence.

Yet netizens could not help but laugh over the convo shared by an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) in Malaysia.

Valleryn Caranza Landong hails from Bato, Camarines Sur but now works in Gelang Patah, Johor, Malaysia. Just like many Filipinos, she has learned to adapt to her new environment and could now understand what her employers are saying even if they don’t speak proper English.

But a recent convo was just to hilarious for the OFW not to share it on her social media account.

Photo credit: Valleryn Caranza Landong / Facebook

In her post, the employer was really trying her best to connect with the OFW by instructing her in English. The problem is that the employer does not know much English and her app isn’t a good one, either. The result is a funny convo that got a lot of netizens laughing.

Sandra (Valleryn) I out tomolo you cook sir the brief in the frid fly veges and rice you can fly the rice put egg,” the employer hilariously instructed.

Netizens were already laughing at how she was instructed to ‘fly’ (fry) the ‘brief’ (beef), but the next parts of the conversation got even more hilarious.

Photo credit: Valleryn Caranza Landong / Facebook

Okie maam I don’t cook you… I just cook sir?” the OFW replied.

Yes just cook sir and please fly the fish sir many eat if you cooking,” the employer instructed.

That’s so funny, right? The OFW had to text in broken English as well because her employer probably could not understand if she replies in proper but longer English phrases. Ooooops.

Who can relate with this convo?

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