OFW with 7 Kids Leaves Family for Younger Guy, Sends All Her Money to Boyfriend

Despite having seven children, an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) chose to leave her family for a younger guy who is actually married! When she arrived in Kuwait, she never sent money to her family as everything went to her boyfriend. This led the kids to seek help from Raffy Tulfo.

Marianne Perea, 25 years old, went to Tulfo for help in having her mother deported. She wants to file a case against her mother and her boyfriend, 31-year-old Rey Allen Ponce.

According to Marianne, their 45-year-old mother Cheryl Perea works as domestic helper in Kuwait. She met Rey Allen sometime before she went abroad – and it was even the guy who would send her off to the airport instead of her family.

Once Cheryl arrived in Kuwait, she changed the password of her Messenger account but the children managed to guess the password, leading to a discovery that shook their family.

While they worried because they could no longer contact her in Kuwait, it turned out she’s still active on her social media account and actually sends her salary to Rey Allen!

And though he has a family of his own and knows that Cheryl still has a husband with whom she has seven children, Rey Allen enjoyed the easy money. He accepted the remittance which he reportedly used to buy a tricycle, Marianne claimed.

He would deny the relationship with Cheryl but Marianne and her siblings have strong evidence against them.

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Rey Allen would go to TV5 to face Cheryl’s children. He tried to apologize but the young ladies refused to forgive him, saying that he ruined the family and nearly lost them their dad who found it difficult to accept that his wife would do this to him! That’s so heartbreaking…

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