OFW Sends Cake, Donuts, Milk Tea to Woman He’s Courting, But Gets Rejected

An overseas Filipino worker (OFW) sends cake, donuts, and milk tea to the woman he is courting, but still gets rejected. The story went viral, with many netizens debating over the matter, but many admiring the woman for not simply taking advantage of the OFW’s gifts.

Christhian Escolano was asked by an OFW named James to buy and deliver one layer of cake, some milk tea, and a few dozen Krispy Kreme donuts to a woman living in Taguig. It turned out that James was still courting the woman.

But when Christhian arrived at the woman’s house, she rejected the sweet treats from James, telling Christhian that she already has a boyfriend. Christhian tried to persuade her to accept the gifts, but she would not do that.

So, Christhian was left with the dilemma of what he should do next with the order and whether he should tell James about the woman not accepting the gift. He feels bad for James, Christhian admitted, and didn’t want to tell him about what happened at first as he didn’t want the OFW to get hurt.

Photo credit: Christhian Escolano / News5 – Facebook

But after James insisted, Christhian finally told him what happened. Heartbroken, the OFW told Christhian that he can have the order or simply give it to anyone he likes. It didn’t matter now for the brokenhearted James.

Kapatid, ano’ng payo niyo kay James at kay Christhian sa dapat gawin sa mga pagkain?” asked News5 as it shared the story.

The post was met with different reactions. There were many who admired the nameless woman for not being materialistic and not taking advantage of the OFW’s offer. Her boyfriend is so lucky to have such a loyal woman, many netizens commented.

Many took pity on the OFW, advising him to find another girl instead and telling him that though he’s in love with this woman, he would eventually find the one meant for him.

One netizen got a good laugh with her comment on the post:

Sa nag deliver ibigay nya na lang sa pamilya nya total lockdown naman di pa ma sayang. Sa may ari naman huwag ipilit ang sarili kung ayaw nya. Sa babae naman huwag mag inarti lockdown ngayon sayang ang pagkain. Sa admin naman daming balita bakit ito pa dag2 stress tuloy sa nag babasa,” the netizen half-jokingly wrote. LOL.

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