OFW Pretends to Be a Mascot in Sweet Homecoming Surprise for Wife and Son

Most overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) spend at least a year or two away from their families before they can go back home for a short vacation in the Philippines. But there are also OFWs who spend over 5 years away from the country – and some even count decades before they could actually go home!

One OFW who’s been away for 8 years recently went viral for the sweet homecoming surprise he did for his wife and son.

Having been away for so long, Raymond wanted to make his homecoming extra special for his family. With the help of some trusted family and friends, Raymond planned an elaborate surprise for his wife and son at the Max’s Restaurant in SM Lanang Premier mall located in Davao City, southern Philippines.

Photo credit: Fernacia VLOGS

Raymond planned the surprise carefully. Instead of simply awaiting his family at the mall for the homecoming surprise, he requested the staff at Max’s Restaurant to let him use their mascot. Thankfully, they readily agreed to the request and even helped him carry out the surprise.

As his family arrived, the mascot (Raymond, actually) greeted them at the door and led them to their table. They were informed that the restaurant was celebrating its anniversary that day and that their table was the one that was lucky enough to win a prize.

Photo credit: Fernacia VLOGS

She was so happy with the mascot’s appearance and the win that she even sent videos to her husband on his Messenger account. LOL.

Then, the store mascot serenaded the family. But because the mascot was really just Raymond, he picked his wife to sing to, of course. She had no idea who the mascot was at that point; thus, the woman was still unsure how to react and was simply taking a video of the whole thing – to send to her husband! ROFL.

Photo credit: Fernacia VLOGS

After the mascot completed the ‘harana’, a service crew told her to open the gift. She had a good laugh at what’s inside the giant box – “Happy Birthday” balloons and flowers. Upon seeing the flowers, she knew they came from her husband and thought he got someone to do this on his behalf.

Photo credit: Fernacia VLOGS

But as she turned around, she discovered that the mascot was actually her husband all along! Awwwww. The next moments were a mix of tears and laughter.

Watch the awesome surprise in this video: