OFW Mom Struggles with Her Kids in Heartbreaking Homecoming after Spending Many Years Apart

Filipinos are known to be among the best workers in the world and have ‘conquered’ the world’ work force, with over 2 million overseas Filipino workers scattered across the globe.

But while they get to enjoy better pay and are able to provide a better life for their families, it is also a sad reality even in this modern age of social media that a lot of them have strained relationships with their kids.

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Yes, the OFWs are able to provide their children with money but many of the children don’t really connect with them as a parent because of the many years they spent far apart from each other.

Such is a reality for many OFWs.

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Recently, Joy Philippines shared a tear-jerking video of an OFW mom’s heartbreaking homecoming after many years of being apart from her kids. She was excited to be home and be with her children but her years spent away from them have driven a wedge between them.

Photo credit: Joy Philippines / Facebook

She had no idea what her son likes anymore – from his favorite color, favorite sports activity, and even his favorite food!

It was heartbreaking to watch how she struggled to accept that her children, particularly her son, did not like what she brought them as ‘pasalubong’. She also had difficulty connecting with them, finding it hard to find a common topic they can talk about.

Photo credit: Joy Philippines / Facebook

At dinner, the kids were obviously feeling a bit jealous when she fondly talked about her ‘alaga’. This led to the young boy shouting at her when she mentioned that her alaga and her son have the same favorite food, fried chicken.

Photo credit: Joy Philippines / Facebook

It’s a heartbreaking video that shows just how difficult it was for OFWs, particularly moms who work as nannies abroad, to connect with their children but the eventually found a way to bond. The young boy cried, asking his mother to stay but it was something that she also had to struggle with…

Watch the heartbreaking video here:

Joy – OFW #ShareAMomentOfJoy

Joy celebrates the self-sacrificing love that Filipino parents have for their children. This is especially true in the case of OFW parents who constantly struggle with having to spend most of their time away from their loved ones – in the hopes of giving them a better future.In this film we show how the most meaningful moments between family members can sometimes happen while doing the most mundane of chores, like dishwashing – a perfect space for quiet, intimate bonding and healing. When dinner time conversations end, real ones can begin.Embrace every precious moment spent with family and #ShareAMomentOfJoy

Posted by Joy Philippines on Sunday, November 18, 2018