OFW Loses Php4 Million to Guy He Met on Facebook, Discovers Business Didn’t Exist

Truth be told, most overseas Filipino workers (OFW) go abroad for the money because everyone knows that jobs abroad would earn you much more than what you would earn back in the Philippines for the same job, the same position.

But many OFWs don’t want to work away from their families forever; thus, many find ways to save money for the future or start a business so they could eventually stop working abroad.

Photo credit: TV Patrol / Facebook

Sadly, not everyone is lucky in this aspect. There are those who get duped by individuals preying on their vulnerability as OFWs.

An OFW named ‘Dale’ met Jason Rabe on Facebook. The latter was able to convince his OFW chatmate to invest in his company, promising good returns.

The OFW began sending money to Jason but would soon grow suspicious when his chatmate would continue asking for money for various reasons, including extra cash for a sibling who got sick.

Photo credit: TV Patrol / Facebook

Seeking help from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), the OFW finally discovered that his chatmate and business partner was not who he had pretended to be. What’s worse is that the business he had supposedly invested in did not actually exist – and all the money he sent, more than Php4 million, is gone!

Jason was apprehended but he was unable to give back the Php4 million that Dale sent him. It is unknown where he spent the money but he really had nothing to pay the OFW back.

Photo credit: TV Patrol / Facebook

A lot of netizens got angry at the guy for duping the OFW but others also slammed the latter for believing in someone he had only met on Facebook. After all, why would you send that much money to a stranger you haven’t even personally met, investing in a business you haven’t even physically seen? Tsk. Tsk.

Source: OFW Tambayan