OFW Lets Friend Pick Bag as Pasalubong, Gets Blocked after Refusing to Buy MK or Gucci

Filipinos are fond of pasalubongs and actually expect to get one from their family and friends, particular from overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). Sadly, there are people who expect too much and think that just because these OFWs are now rich or better off than before, they are supposed to give branded and expensive pasalubongs, too!

OFW Lynne Cherrie shares the sad story of how her close friend of 8 years suddenly blocked her on social media, just because she wouldn’t buy this friend a Gucci or MK branded bag!

Photo credit: Lynne Cherrie / Facebook

What’s sad, really, is that Lynne had actually offered to buy her friend a bag as pasalubong. She only messaged a few of her close friends to let them pick a bag from the photo she sent them, so she could order the items and bring home during her vacation.

Because they had been close friends for 8 years, Lynne messaged this friend to offer her a bag from the photo, but this woman wanted a Gucci or MK bag. Telling Lynne she wants to get a ‘may tatak’ (branded) bag, she refused to pick from the photo the OFW sent.

Photo credit: Lynne Cherrie / Facebook

When Lynne gently reminded her friend that she only messaged a few chosen people to choose a pasalubong because she didn’t a lot of money, the other girl told the OFW she wants a branded bag from Lynne’s personal collection. She further added that Lynne is ‘maarte’ when it comes to bags and could certainly afford to buy branded ones.

Photo credit: Lynne Cherrie / Facebook

Again, Lynne told her friend to just pick from the photo and reminded her only a few are getting a pasalubong, but her friend begged that she give a branded one.

The woman added that she didn’t really like the sling bags Lynne is offering in the picture. If she can’t give a branded bag, then her friend said she wants shoes! Tsk. Tsk.

Photo credit: Lynne Cherrie / Facebook

Irked, Lynne told her friend she didn’t expect her reply because all of the people she sent messages to replied with excitement over her offer and simply picked from the list.

When she continued to refuse an Gucci or MK bag, the friend blocked her!

Photo credit: Lynne Cherrie / Facebook

Angry at how something as trivial as a pasalubong would bring an end to their friendship, Lynne advised her friend to find a job abroad if she wanted to buy a branded bag so she would know just how difficult it is for OFWs to earn money away from their families!

Source: Lynne Cherrie / Facebook