OFW Left by Husband for Another Woman Goes Viral for Amazing Transformation

An OFW who was left by her husband for another woman, even if they already have 7 kids, recently went viral for the amazing transformation she had undergone. She looks so beautiful now that many netizens are saying that her husband is probably feeling remorseful that he left his lovely life and their many kids…

In a video that has gone viral on Facebook page OFW Secret Files, an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) named Michelle Valenzuela amazed everyone with her gorgeous new look.

Photo credit: OFW Secret Files / Facebook

The video has gained over 1.5 million views, with netizens expressing their amazement over how she was able to transform her looks as she took care of herself now instead of simply focusing on her children.

According to the video, Michelle was pregnant with her seventh child when she was left by her philandering husband for another woman. Some netizens even blamed her for not taking care of her looks, leading her husband to go astray. But others said that such is a shallow idea.

Plus, her husband should have helped her take care of the kids to allow her time for herself, instead of finding another woman just because his wife does not look as beautiful as she did before!

Photo credit: OFW Secret Files / Facebook

But after finding a job abroad, the OFW was able to transform into such a beautiful young woman. She does not even look like she already has 7 children back at home! Her transformation has inspired so many ladies.

Others advised her to focus on herself and her children, telling her not to get back with her husband because he does not deserve her now…

Source: OFW Secret Files / Facebook