OFW Inspires after House Greatly Improves in Just 2 Years, Family Also Earns Praise

A lot of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are able to provide better lives for their families, with many now living in much improved homes. Sadly, there are also many whose financial status remain the same or even become deeper in debt due to changes in lifestyle with them and their families. That’s why success stories always wow netizens.

Take for example the story of Ginalyn Casay (Ginalyn Junkurt) who was able to provide her family with a much better home in just 2 years of working abroad. In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, Ginalyn shares before and after photos of their home – and netizens could not help but comment how amazing their new house now looks!

Photo credit: Ginalyn Casay (Ginalyn Junkurt) / Facebook

In the photo dated January 23, 2018, Ginalyn’s house was made of light materials. It is small and looks dilapidated. Ginalyn revealed that the house was later destroyed in a typhoon.

But this young woman wanted to provide her family with a better life. So, she found a job in Hong Kong. With this job, she was able to build a new house. This time, the house is made of concrete and steel. Because their area in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan is often flooded, Ginalyn decided to build a home that won’t easily be washed away by the flood waters.

Photo credit: Ginalyn Casay (Ginalyn Junkurt) / Facebook

Netizens were impressed that she was able to put her money to good use. But many also admired her family for actually following her wishes and using the money to build the house. After all, many OFW families simply spend their remittance on other things, even if it were intended for building a new home or other things that could help improve their lives.

Congratulations to this OFW and her family! You are an inspiration to many…