OFW in Jordan Sleeps in the Comfort Room, Sad Condition Angers Netizens

A lot of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) live luxurious lives in the faraway countries they are working in. Sadly, not everyone enjoys the same happiness. There are also those who are living in difficult situations, with many not even receiving their salaries as promised by their recruiters.

In Jordan, another Pinay domestic helper is reportedly living in sad conditions as she only gets to sleep in the comfort room because her employers did not provide her with a proper bedroom.

While she sleeps on a ‘comfort room’, there’s no comfort in the room she is sleeping in. The makeshift bed was too short that she could not stretch her legs out. It was actually made from an old bathtub. It really was too short to be a real bed.

Photo credit: Facebook / Selah M. Jasa

Aside from not having a proper bed, she did not have a proper closet or cabinet for her clothes, either. So, this unnamed young lady had to sleep beside her clothes which she had neatly folded to the side.

Though it was probably better that she had the clothes inside the toilet because she appears to also not have a proper pillow and blanket! Poor woman.

Netizen Selah M. Jasa took pity on the domestic helper and shared the photos of her living condition in Jordan.

It is unknown whether the woman at least gets enough food and sleep in this household, but judging from her makeshift bedroom, it was quite likely that she wasn’t also given enough food or allowed enough sleep to rest her weary body.

Photo credit: Facebook / Selah M. Jasa

Many netizens were calling on the government to stop deployment to these places.

While it might be difficult to find help in these countries, especially because women are not allowed to get out and about on their own, it’s possible to find help on social media or via online channels.

Many are hoping this woman would be saved soon…

Sources: Facebook / Selah M. Jasa, Kwentong OFW