OFW Goes Home to New Lesbian Partner, Abandons Husband and 4 Kids

After encountering some problems with her work in Kuwait, overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Ronelia Galzote was repatriated to the Philippines. But instead of going home to her family in Ilocos Sur, she stayed in Metro Manila to be with her new lesbian partner whom she met on Facebook.

Her family had no idea where she was but learned that she was in the Philippines, already living with her lesbian partner.

Photo credit: Facebook / Raffy Tulfo in Action

Because they could no longer contact her, Ronelia’s husband Abelardo Galzote and her mother Elena Calixterio sought the help of Raffy Tulfo.

Photo credit: Facebook / Raffy Tulfo in Action

They would soon learn that Ronelia had arrived in the Philippines the previous week and was living with the lesbian; though she claimed the lesbian was not her lover but just a friend. But no one believed her claims, especially because their photos together were quite sweet. Also, her Facebook profile showed that she was ‘Engaged to Doods Leah’, linking to the lesbian’s account.

Photo credit: Facebook / Raffy Tulfo in Action

The two apparently had matching rings but Ronelia continued to deny the relationship.

When asked what they wanted, the children said they wished their mother would get back with their father again as they didn’t want a broken family. Nanay Elena also hoped for the same thing.

With everyone, including Raffy, clamoring for her to get back with Abelardo, Ronelia finally agreed and went home with her family to Ilocos Sur that every night. The show’s team planned on following up on the case, helping the two meet up at the barangay but a week later, Ronelia left her family for good.

Photo credit: Facebook / Raffy Tulfo in Action

She ran away without telling anyone and could no longer be reached using the number she first used to contact her family.

The eldest child revealed that though their mother had spent the week at home, she was always talking to someone on the phone. The barangay officials also said that though the couple went to the barangay hall as instructed and Abelardo tried his best to woo his wife, she appeared too distant and clearly didn’t want to be with him again.

Photo credit: Facebook / Raffy Tulfo in Action

Feeling tired of being constantly hurt by her rejection and the fact that she continues to contact the lesbian, Abelardo finally told her to do whatever makes her happy. She left.

Her neighbors and a lot of netizens could not help by slam her choice, especially because she had four children.

It was heartbreaking to watch the kids cry and hope their dad would always be alright. The eldest assured the younger ones she would take care of them, telling them they didn’t need their mom. She also vowed to do better in her studies so she could help them live a better life.

Photo credit: Facebook / Raffy Tulfo in Action

But the most heartbreaking part was when she called on her mom, telling the woman that by abandoning the family she had lost her kids as well and that she should just forget she has children at all.

Get some tissues ready as you watch this heartbreaking video: