No Money, No Problem for Clever Dog Who Knows How to Ask for ‘Free’ Barbecue

While dogs clearly communicate with each other, they can’t speak in human language, of course. So, it can be quite challenging for them to make humans know what they want.

But one dog clearly knows how to ask for ‘free’ barbecue from the neighborhood barbecue spot! And his owner’s racking up quite a bill for the barbecue. LOL.

Photo credit: Dante Jimenez / Facebook

Dante Jimenez shared photos of their mischievous but clever dog named Blu who immediately rushes off to the barbecue spot once he gets a chance to be out of their house.

Yan alaga namin si Blu, ‘pag nakalabas ng bahay, diretso sa ihaw-ihaw mangungutang ng barbeque, hindi aalis pag ‘di binigyan, pipicturan ng nag-iihaw at isesend samin. Ayun lagi may utang na 20 pesos na barbeque,” Dante wrote in a now-viral post.

Photo credit: Dante Jimenez / Facebook

According to Dante, the dog has been doing this for around 2 years! Uh-oh… It turned out that the dog picked up the habit from Dante’s wife who took the dog to the spot once.

Minsan po di napansin ng misis ko na sumama sa kanya na bumili ng barbeque, tapos binigyan niya, ayon hanggang sa natutunan na niya pumunta sa ihaw-ihaw,” he explained.

Photo credit: Dante Jimenez / Facebook

The dog apparently loved the taste of the barbecue and would rush off to the spot to ask for some, probably thinking they are for free. After all, dogs don’t have a concept about money, obviously.

Kaya ginagawa ng nag-iihaw, pi-picturan siya tapos i-sesend sa amin kasi ayaw umalis kaya sabi namin, sige ihawan niyo na lang at babayaran na lang namin, aba’y nasanay na po,” he added.

Photo credit: Dante Jimenez / Facebook

What a clever dog! He’s a bit spoiled, eh? But that simply goes to show that Dante and his wife love him so much.

What’s your dog’s favorite food?