Newly Discovered ‘Badjao Girl’ Captivates Netizens with Her Charming Smile

Badjaos are often likened to ‘sea gypsies’ and are well-known for their unkempt appearance and dark skin due to their nomadic lifestyle. You’d most likely see a Badjao begging in the streets of big cities or diving for coins at large piers across the Philippines, but mostly in Mindanao where they originate.

Most people shun Badjaos and stay away from them, mostly because they often pester you for money and they can be quite persistent until you give them something.

Photo credit: Doms Quintua / Facebook

But people have viewed Badjaos differently since the Rita Gaviola’s rise to fame. The teen was discovered by a photographer while attending a festival in Laguna.

The gorgeous teen’s photos quickly went viral on social media, gaining her the moniker as the ‘Badjao Girl’.

Photo credit: Doms Quintua / Facebook

Rita has stayed away from the limelight this past year as she focused on her studies – but a new one could take her place as ‘The Badjao Girl’ after this teen was discovered by a group of students making an investigative report for a school project.

Netizen Doms Quintua posted photos of this charming young lady with a dazzling smile. They met her while filming for their report on “Badjaos in the City” as project for their Oral Communication subject.

Photo credit: Doms Quintua / Facebook

While the students were unable to get the young lady’s name, Doms shared that she was last spotted near SM Novaliches — perhaps she’s still there now?

Photos of the young lady went viral, with many comparing her with Rita and hoping that she would also become viral so that she could help improve her family’s life. With her charming smile, the young Badjao girl could easily become a model.

A lot of netizens even commented that she’s got such a perfect smile and flawless skin – and that’s quite surprising, considering that she most likely lives (and sleeps) in the streets like most Badjaos do.

Do you think she could become the next Badjao Girl?

Sources: Doms Quintua / Facebook