Netizens Take Pity on Girl Wrapped in Bandages, Seen Riding LRT with Her Grandma

A young girl wrapped in bandages and seen riding the LRT with her grandma has gone viral, sparking pity from netizens who hoped that the girl could find help. But it saddened everyone even more when they learned that the girl has been suffering from this condition for many years – and had actually gone viral in 2014, also while riding the MRT with bandages all over her body!

Zyra Nagisaram shared a recent experience of sharing a ride with the girl, identified as Ashley Ann Nepomuceno. According to Zyra, she was riding the LRT with the girl and her grandma. The child’s condition broke many people’s hearts and the other passengers readily gave her grandma some money to help with the child’s medical fees.

The poor kid appears to be in pain as she sits on her wheelchair, but her grandma was there and ready to make her feel comfortable.

Photo credit: Zyra Nagisaram / Facebook

It turned out that this grandma, identified as Cleofe Navarro, has been doing this for years to bring Ashley to various medical facilities in Metro Manila, including the PGH in Manila and St. Luke’s in Quezon City. The two have to travel all the way from their home in Angeles, Pampanga – and there was a time when they had to do that six times a week for Ashley’s treatment.

Aside from having bone marrow C, Ashley also has epidermolysis bullosa, a rare skin condition that causes painful blisters to form on her skin. That’s why she has to be wrapped on bandages at all times.

A lot of netizens are hoping to raise money for Ashley and her family, knowing that her medical conditions meant she has to undergo a lot of treatments.

To help the family, contact Nanay Cleofe through 09269854284 or her sister, Kate Navarro Nepomuceno.

Watch their story as featured in 2014:

Sources: Zyra Nagisaram / Facebook, Inquirer