Netizens Express Anger after Kid Vendor Cries Because Enforcers Got Goods Without Paying

Traffic enforcers are tasked to uphold the law, particularly traffic rules and regulations. They are also expected to help maintain peace and order. Sadly, there are those who feel that just because their job is to enforce the law, they are above everyone else – and that gives them license to step on the rights of others.

Recently, a hardworking kid vendor was left in tears after traffic enforcers took several packs of mangoes from the basket he is selling. With the kid selling fruits every day to earn money for his family, the loss of those packs of mangoes already has a huge impact in his earnings.

Januarie Sinnung Calzado expressed her disappointment and anger towards the traffic enforcers assigned at P. Tuazon Cubao in Quezon City, Metro Manila after some of them took four packs of mangoes that a kid vendor is selling.

Photo credit: Januarie Sinnung Calzado / Facebook

According to Calzado, this kid quit school to help earn some money so his family can have food. He sells a variety of fruits. That particular day, the boy was selling mangoes when the traffic enforcers got four packs without asking permission – and they didn’t even pay him a cent for the fruits!

Afraid of the traffic enforcers, the kid said nothing to them but cried as he went to sell the fruits at the office where Calzado works.

“Nakakalungkot lang po isipin na gawin ito sa musmos na walang kalaban laban at ang hinangad lamang ay magtrabaho para lang mabuhay,” she wrote as she shared the kid’s photo and his heartbreaking story.

This angered a lot of netizens who prayed that the kid would find justice over the incident or that there will be people who would buy more of his fruits and provide him with extra cash to recover his loss.

Many hoped there’s a CCTV at the area so the culprits will be apprehended while others said that karma will do its job and seek justice for the kid…

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Source: Januarie Sinnung Calzado / Facebook