Netizens Applaud Truck Driver’s Skills in Near-Miss with Fallen Biker

Driving any vehicle has its difficulties and challenges, but trucks and other large vehicles have the added challenge of having so many blind spots that it is very important for the drivers to always be extra alert on the road.

Plus, these vehicles have a higher mass, making it more difficult to control them – and sudden stops are very dangerous!

For this reason, one truck driver recently went viral as netizens applaud his impressive driving skills in a near-miss incident with a fallen biker.

CCTV footage taken at an intersection in some still unknown place shows that the biker had overtaken the truck even before reaching the crossing. But he was going to fast in a rather curved road; thus, he lost his balance upon reaching the other side. It was possible that a portion of his motorcycle had hit the sidewalk.

The biker was flung to the ground while the force of the fall made his motorcycle slide far away, towards the sidewalk. The video shows how the truck driver was able to swerve just in the nick of time, avoiding the fallen biker just inches away.

It was really a good thing that the other lane was empty at the time. Just seconds before the incident happened, the lane had been full of various vehicles!

Many are saying that the biker was truly lucky to still be alive because that truck could have crushed him to pulp had it hit him. Thankfully, the driver of the truck was very alert and had all the skills needed to keep his vehicle steady even as he quickly swerved away from the fallen biker. Whew!

Everyone is blaming the biker for the incident, saying that overtaking is strictly prohibited at intersections to avoid such accidents from happening! He’s lucky the truck driver had awesome driving skills!

Watch this video and be amazed:

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Posted by Ride And Shoot on Monday, May 27, 2019