Netizen Warns About ‘Cursed’ Wallpaper that Makes Cellphones Crash

There seems to be a ‘cursed’ wallpaper that makes cellphones crash – and if you try to use it on your phone out of curiosity, you’d surely regret it!

No one knows how this ‘curse’ started but what’s for sure is that it has led to quite a number of cellphones crashing! The cellphones might be broken for good; though it might be possible to still fix your gadget but all your data, including photos, will be lost. Ouch.

Photo credit: Kaalaman / YouTube

It really looks like an innocent picture of a beautiful lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains. There appears to be a small island with some trees in the middle while there are also plenty of evergreen trees in the foreground.

But if you download the original file of the photo or receive it from someone, then use it as wallpaper on your phone, it will cause the phone to crash! Some phones would keep blinking on and off while others won’t even turn on at all.

Photo credit: Kaalaman / YouTube

The only remedy, apparently, is to do a hard reset of the phone. However, this means that all data stored on the phone will be deleted. There might be no way to retrieve the data, unless your gadget is linked to a cloud account that stored everything for you.

Apparently, this ‘curse’ only affects Android users; although there is no guarantee that it won’t cause an Apple phone to crash.

When Twitter user Ice Universe posted a warning against using the ‘cursed’ wallpaper, there were some who thought their phone will be immune to the ‘curse’. There were some users of high-end flagship phones who tried this on their phones, perhaps arguing that their expensive gadgets are better equipped to handle such ‘curses’.

Photo credit: Kaalaman / YouTube

It turned out that is not the case – and they were left crying as their phones won’t even turn on! Super ouch.

Others pointed out that they were able to download the photo on Facebook and use it as wallpaper without problems, but that’s only because Facebook usually reduces the image file. If you’re unsure whether your phone is safe from this ‘curse’, just don’t use this image as wallpaper!

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