Netizen Warns of a Stalker Sighted in Taguig

Parents always teach their children to not talk to strangers. Even when all grown up, you can never be too careful with who you speak to. In some cases, it can go from being weird to being a very scary experience.

In relation to this, a female Facebook user made a post to show the face of the man which was taken from a CCTV footage. She then said that same person has tried to follow her younger sister a year ago.

She said the man followed her sister all the way from Venice Grand Canal Mall in Taguig all the way to their condominium. During that time, her sister was being asked personal questions. The night of April 29, 2019, the same person followed her again.

This time, the man was able to follow her without her noticing. From what the netizen said, he was able to get past their condominium’s security and front desk and was able to follow her all the way to their condominium unit’s front door. The image that she posted appears to have been taken by a camera phone while they were viewing the security footage.

As of this writing, the post has gained more than a thousand reactions and was shared more than a thousand times as well. Looking through the comments section, it looks like the supposed stalker has tried to follow more than one person in different occasions. He has also tried to follow other people to different condominium units, not just the one where the concerned netizen was living in.

There were also a few comments that showed a screenshot regarding another stalker. The screenshot was from a few months back and it says the stalker was seen at SM Bicutan. It also mentioned an infamous site that was supposed to “teach” guys how to “pick-up” girls and they assumed that the person was part of it.

The netizen mentioned in her post that she wanted to share the picture so that other girls can be aware and have everyone be careful of their surroundings.