Netizen Angry at MMDA Officer for Helping Old Taxi Driver Fix Tire, Says It’s Not His Job

One netizen got angry at an MMDA officer who helped an old taxi driver fix a tire. This person thinks that it is not the job of the MMDA officer to do this; instead, the netizen thinks that the officer should have focused on doing his job of directing traffic.

In a post on Facebook, it was revealed that people had been praising a still unknown MMDA officer for going out of his way to provide assistance to an old taxi driver. Apparently, the taxi’s tire had burst.

Photo credit: Gadget Addict / Facebook

The taxi driver made an effort to move the vehicle to the shoulder of the road so as not to obstruct the flow of traffic. Since he was having a difficult time changing the tire and it was a really hot day, the MMDA officer helped him out.

While this earned the MMDA officer praise from many netizens, there were some who thought that this was not his job to do. One person even felt so angry at the MMDA officer, saying that the job of this officer is to direct the traffic flow and alert the motorists that a taxi up ahead is a potential hazard.

Photo credit: Gadget Addict / Facebook

Kamote ka Manong MMDA. Sayang pasahod sa ‘yo,” this person wrote.

But people did not see anything wrong with what the MMDA officer had done. In fact, many think that it was actually great that he helped the old man who was obviously struggling with the jack.

Moreover, though changing the tires for a stranded motorist might not be part of his job description, helping out will ensure that the job will be completed fast. Then, the potential hazard will be removed because the taxi can get safely back on the road.

Photo credit: Gadget Addict / Facebook

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