Nanay Didn’t Have a Lot of Money to Donate, But She Makes Face Masks to Give Out for Free

Calls for donations, particularly for masks and basic needs, rang across the Philippines for those affected by the eruption of Taal Volcano. And while there were those who went viral for buying lots of N95 masks to give to those in need, there are also others who did their best with what resources they have.

While everyone else was scrambling for safety and trying to evacuate, 61-year-old seamstress Nanay Rosalina Mantuano of Lipa City, Batangas decided to help fellow kababayans by making face masks she and her family can distribute for free!

Photo credit: Mary Ann Mantuano / Facebook

They did not have a lot of money and Nanay Rosalina had no idea how she could help but would soon realize that she can use her skills as seamstress to create face masks. Since stocks for N95 and even surgical masks are running out, people have taken to using other alternatives – and Nanay Rosalina’s special face masks are truly welcomed by everyone!

Photo credit: Mary Ann Mantuano / Facebook

My mother is a kind woman and has empathy for people. She couldn’t help financially, but she heard the news that face masks have become so expensive, so she thought of creating them for free,” Mary Ann Mantuano shared to Coconuts Manila.

Photo credit: Mary Ann Mantuano / Facebook

We are so happy that we have helped people. She often tells our family that it’s more important for us to help other people than for them to help us. We just wanted to inspire others to show that anyone can help. Our family is so happy because there were so many people thanking her. This is the only time that her worth has been appreciated this much.

Such a wonderful hero! Salamat po, Nanay Rosalina…